When do we have to change our toothbrushes?

What makes you change your toothbrush: The date or the damaged bristles? In fact, it’s like your car’s guarantee… 5 years or 100 000 km? The first one to happen! First thing to know, the Canadian Dental Association and your dentist recommend changing your toothbrush every three or four months. Up to 10 million bacteria According […]

Helping more than just the earth!

By choosing an eco-friendly OLA Bamboo product, you’re not just helping to eliminate plastic waste. You’re also supporting a social economy enterprise located in Gatineau. At OLA Bamboo, we’re very proud to have worked with Re-Source Intégration for more than three years. This company is a social economy enterprise that employs more than a hundred […]

Brushing your pet’s teeth—it’s just as important as brushing your own!

Your veterinarian has probably already spoken to you about it more than once. But do you really do it? Brushing your dog’s or cat’s teeth is very important to do as much as possible to prevent gum infections, plaque, tartar and gingivitis. Moreover, eighty-five percent of cats and dogs will have a dental problem in […]

What if Halloween could be eco-friendlier?


Honestly, I don’t think that Halloween can be 100% zero waste… but we can try to do our best to make this holiday as eco-friendly as possible! And it’s not that complex! Decoration First of all, if you already have some plastic decorations because you bought them years ago… It’s ok! Don’t feel guilty and […]

5 Good reasons to get a zero waste kit

In 2019, we all try to make an effort to diminish our carbon footprint on the planet. On a small or large scale, depending on our capabilities and our comfort.  And it is very good! Whether it is composting, using reusable shopping or bulk bags, little bags to replace zipploc or taking your bike when […]

Why choose an OLA Bamboo toothbrush?

Our planet’s future is one of the biggest concerns of 2019. There are a lot of articles about it on social medias and newspapers, we heard about it on every platform… But we often feel helpless. What can we really do to avoid worst-case scenarios? Of course, there are somethings for which we don’t have […]

5 tips for an eco-friendly trip!

1- If you want to reduce your pollution during a trip, the first thing to bring with you is… The old good reusable bottle! You’ll avoid using a lot of water bottles! You are travelling to a country where the water isn’t potable? There are some bottles that come with a filter which can be […]

Bamboo straws: The end of disposable straws!

– A gin/tonic… no straw please! Honestly, I feel really guilty when I forget the last portion of my order. Because, if I don’t ask… There will be a plastic straw in my drink. It has become a habit to put a straw in every glass… Even sometimes in a glass of water! Ouch! Is […]