5 Good reasons to get a zero waste kit

In 2019, we all try to make an effort to diminish our carbon footprint on the planet. On a small or large scale, depending on our capabilities and our comfort.  And it is very good! Whether it is composting, using reusable shopping or bulk bags, little bags to replace zipploc or taking your bike when it’s possible. Also more and more of us are asking to leave out straws in our drinks at bars and restaurants. Yeah!

Now, I suggest you go a little bit further… And take our practical OLA Bamboo zero waste kit along with you! A fork, a spoon and a knife to avoid using disposable utensils. Plus, it includes a reusable straw and washing brush, all of it in a cute little transport pouch.

Why should you always have this with you?

1- Because you’ll always have utensils to eat on the go. You know, when you buy a lunch at the grocery store… And you find yourself eating your pasta salad with your fingers? NOT ANYMORE!

2- You could avoid taking straw, even at the drive-thru… when drinking a soft drink directly from the flimsy cup is… Catastrophic!

3- You’ll never forget your fork anymore to eat your lunch at the office. No need to ask your colleagues for a fork… They’ll borrow yours!

4- You’ll always be ready for a drink on a patio restaurant! Admit that some drinks absolutely need to be drank with a straw!? Plus, you’ll make others jealous with your nice and trendy bamboo straw!

5- Our zero waste kit is ultra-light! So, you can easily have it with you without an extra weight in your handbag. Little tip: I doubled mine: 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons and 2 straws… That way, I have them for my husband or a friend when we stop somewhere.

So, who already has a zero waste kit? Or needs one?

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