• This is a simple and concrete step that can make a real difference for the planet. Choosing a biodegradable toothbrush helps reduce more than 4.9 billion plastic toothbrushes that are thrown away every year in our oceans and landfills.
  • Choosing reusable OLA Bamboo straws helps eliminate billions of straws that are thrown away each year. In the United States, there are more than 500 million straws thrown away each day. They may be light and small, but tragically they are easily ingested by birds and fish.
  • Using OLA Bamboo disposable wooden utensils is a logical choice because they reduce the billions of plastic utensils that are thrown away each year. Most people do not recycle plastic utensils; in fact, not all cities even have the facilities to recycle them. Wooden utensils are also a better choice than using bioplastic; bioplastic is still plastic, and it can leave microparticles in the environment.
  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource with natural antimicrobial properties. The Moso bamboo that is used in making our products is not consumed by pandas. It grows naturally at a rate of up to 4 feet per day, without the addition of any chemical substances..
  • The OLA Bamboo toothbrush was designed to meet dentists’ standards: it has soft bristles with rounded ends and is shaped to easily access back teeth.
  • Making this environmentally friendly choice costs no more than plastic toothbrushes.

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