Canadian Eco Products

Bamboo toothbrush made in Canada

Canadian Eco Products

People worldwide are getting aware of the global plastic pollution and are mending their ways to reduce the use of single-use plastic products in their life. Ergo, a shift towards eco-friendly products can be seen around the globe for sustainable living.

Why should you choose Canadian Eco Products?

Whenever you buy a locally manufactured product, you contribute directly to your community’s economy. You are doing your bit in creating jobs for the locals.

In addition to keeping the money in the economy, locally manufactured products reduce the impact that is caused due to long-distance transportation of goods. Hence, lowers the overall carbon footprint even further.

Modern-day consumers have become responsible buyers. In addition to helping the environment, they are concerned for their community as well. Recent situations around the world have pushed people to support their local businesses. So, people in Canada prefer Canadian eco friendly products or I can say green products in Canada are becoming popular.

According to a survey conducted for BDC, an inclination towards locally produced goods and services can be seen among Canadians. It has also been brought to light that some of them are even ready to pay extra for locally produced goods to support their local economy.

As people are inclined towards sustainable living and are including environmentally responsible practices into their lifestyle, they expect the same from manufacturers as well. While making a purchase, they take into consideration the companies’ ethical standards and check whether the company follows a sustainable approach in the making of goods or not.

According to the survey conducted by Ipsos for BDC (of more than 1,000 Canadian consumers)

“45% of respondents had made a specific effort to buy Canadian in recent months. Additionally, 24% said they had made an effort to buy goods made in their province.

More than half of respondents (55%) rated buying from local stores as a key selection factor, while 41% said buying local products was a key selection factor. These two criteria topped a list of social factors motivating buying decisions.”

OLA Bamboo has also repatriated part of its production to Quebec to support the local economy – and we are not done yet! These facilities make OLA Bamboo the first company in Canada to manufacture toothbrushes here. And even, according to our research, the first in Canada to make any kind of toothbrush.

OLA Bamboo has also earned a spot on Startup List 2020 of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies by Canadian Business. 

Here is your online eco friendly store that has Canadian made eco friendly products of daily use. Reduce your dependence on plastic and support your local economy at the same time.