Eco-friendly Kitchen Products

Why do we need Eco-friendly Kitchen Products?

Making environmentally conscious choices is on everyone’s mind in the present scenario of ever-increasing plastic waste. People are well aware of the plastic hazards and the single-use plastics that end up clogging landfills and oceans. Aquatic life is in danger as tiny items of plastics such as plastic straws and single-use cutlery are ingested by the aquatic animals and they end up choking. 

The good news is people are well aware and now are willing to make a shift towards sustainable living. They understand the importance of healthier choices for a safe and sustainable future.

When it comes to a kitchen, the use of single-use plastic items is much. From single-use plastic bags to bring fruits and vegetables from the market, using disposable plastic cutlery to plastic chopping boards, there are a lot of easy and simple swaps which you can make for green living.

To help you get started, we have prepared a list of few eco-friendly kitchen products which would help you to ditch plastic items for good.

  1. Reusable Bamboo utensils:

    The best way to ditch the single-use plastic cutlery in this pandemic when we’re thinking a lot about the germs and viruses on everything we touch is carrying our own utensils wherever we go. The reusable bamboo utensils – fork, spoon, and knife are the best fit for your everyday meals.
    We have even prepared a
    zero-waste kit containing – fork, spoon, knife, and straw in a small travel bag for you to carry along easily. You can keep it in the glove compartment of your car or can slip it in your purse and you would be ready for the meals on the go without depending on disposable plastic cutlery.

    We have one little surprise for our little munchkins too. We have specially designed a Zero waste kit for Children containing a small-sized spoon, fork, knife, and straw in a travel bag, perfect to go with their lunch boxes.


  2. Reusable Bamboo straws:

    It comes as no surprise that plastic straws are in the
    top 10 most commonly found pieces of trash during beach cleanups. But now you can enjoy your drinks guilt-free with reusable eco-friendly bamboo straws that have come to the rescue. Now carry your own straw and say no to plastic straws in bars and restaurants. We even have wider straws for your thick smoothies and shakes.

    How can we forget children, we have recently introduced reusable silicone straws perfect for children. These are BPA– and phthalate-free and are available in different colors.


  3. Bamboo Chopsticks:

    Chopsticks, chiefly used for Asian meals, are versatile, inexpensive and a great addition to almost any kitchen. Bamboo chopsticks are considered way better than traditional wooden chopsticks as trees take a very long time to grow back compared to bamboo. Also, wood is more susceptible to contamination (prone to mold and deterioration) compared to bamboo.
    If you want to buy the combo, we have a Zero waste kit with Bamboo chopsticks containing a larger spoon, a fork, a knife, a pair of chopsticks and a straw with a cleaning brush. All items are in a beautiful small transport placemat to carry easily.


  4. Reusable Produce Bags:

    Single-use plastic bags are a huge contributor to plastic waste. Buying fruits and vegetables is not a one-time purchase, it’s something that we do every other day. You can easily replace these with reusable produce bags made of Organic cotton that are perfect for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are reusable, lightweight, durable, and above all biodegradable. You can wash them and reuse them for years.


  5. Bamboo plates with suction Base for kids:

    No doubt, kid’s tableware mostly comes in plastic as children have a history of throwing away the dishes while eating. But plastic contains toxins that are bad for health. Avoid plastic whenever you can when to comes to food and beverage. These suction base bamboo plates are specially designed for babies as they stick to the table or your kitchen countertop and help them to learn self-feeding.


  6. Disposable Wooden Utensils:

    Disposable wooden utensils are the perfect fit when you have a family gathering and don’t feel like doing the dishes but still care about the environment. You can throw them in your compost bin at the same time as any leftover food. They’re also perfect for picnics and celebrations, lunch boxes, and diners on the go. These are 100% biodegradable.


  7. Reusable cooking utensils Set:

    We have a very beautiful and functional set of cooking utensils made from bamboo to replace your plastic utensils – spoon, spatula, spaghetti spoon, and tongs. These are durable, sturdy, and stylish that you’ll want to keep on the counter.


  8. Bamboo cutting board:

    Replace your plastic or wooden chopping board with this small, practical, and durable cutting board, ideal for everyday cooking. Bamboo cutting boards are better than plastic as the deep grooves in the plastic cutting boards facilitate the growth of microbes and hence make them unhygienic. Bamboo is preferred over wood as bamboo resists water retention and has natural antimicrobial properties. Additionally, bamboo is the fastest growing plant and grows without the use of any pesticides and insecticides.

    What are the various benefits of using sustainable products other than saving the environment?

    There are far more benefits of using sustainable products other than saving the environment

  1. They save you money as they are made to last longer and are reusable.
  2. By choosing eco-friendly products over plastic ones, you are choosing safety and health for you and your loved ones. The toxins present in the plastic products are very harmful and they would keep on entering our digestive system if we keep using plastic for storing our food.
  3. Many local businesses are trying their luck in making eco-friendly sustainable products for the benefit of their own and the environment. So by switching to these products, you are in a way helping these small businesses to flourish.