Eco-Friendly Products for a Sustainable tomorrow

Eco-friendly Products Canada

Why do we need to make a shift to eco-friendly products?

To hope for a sustainable tomorrow, we need to make healthy lifestyle choices today. Just by addressing plastic pollution as a widespread problem, nothing is going to be solved on its own.

People worldwide are aware of this plastic disaster, but they don’t know how to curb this problem. Many businesses around the globe are focussing on providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products so that the dependence of people on plastics can be reduced. But these businesses need acknowledgment to keep up their work. This can only be done if everyone thinks of doing his part in making this planet safe and healthy –  by switching to eco-friendly products.

Considering the current situation of plastic, everyone is aware of the dangers of plastic pollution. Now, awareness regarding how to tackle this plastic disaster should be promoted. People need to know the alternatives to plastic products. To bring a change in society, firstly we need to bring that change in ourselves, then only we can inspire others.

If you are still thinking, click on the link and check your footprint using the Plastic Footprint calculator. That would definitely move you to bring a change.

Start small by replacing the everyday items of plastic with their environmentally-friendly counterparts. You can also promote awareness by gifting sustainable products to friends and family members on special occasions.

To know what products are available and can be replaced, check the list below.

  1. Bamboo Toothbrushes:

    The first thing that everyone uses in the morning is their toothbrush which is made of plastic. We all know that this tiny-looking product is an essential everyday item that is used by all and needs replacement every 3 months. Can you imagine the plastic waste this small product contributes? Well, if we replace our plastic toothbrush with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush then it would make a huge difference. We have varied options available to choose from, you can pick the one as per your needs. You can also check the bamboo toothbrush holders that are stylish yet functional. They help your toothbrushes to dry naturally and stay hygienic. We also have a beautiful toothbrush travel case made of bamboo which is very useful while carrying the toothbrush along.

  2. Eco-friendly Dental Floss:

    The next item on the list is eco-friendly Dental Floss. It is also an everyday essential. It is made of natural silk, waxed with Candelilla. It is 100% natural and biodegradable, comes in recyclable packaging.


  3. Bamboo makeup remover pads:

    Makeup wipes are essential for busy, active people and single-use makeup wipes are pretty bad for the environment. To give the convenience of single-use makeup wipes, OLA Bamboo has introduced machine washable makeup remover pads made from bamboo fibre.


  4. Bamboo cotton swabs:

    A plastic cotton swab is one of the most common plastic items found on beaches that are harming marine life. Swabs made of natural bamboo and organic cotton are the best available alternative. These are 100% compostable and sturdier than plastic and cardboard ones.


  5. Beach Toys for kids:

    Children learn from their surroundings and it has become essential to teach children the importance of eco-friendly goods at a young age. Considering the plastic waste on beaches, we have introduced eco-friendly beach toys for kids – a shovel and a rake made of bamboo. As they are made for kids so special attention has been given to their safety, these do not have any sharp or pointed edges yet they are strong and durable.


  6. Garden Tools:

    The gardening tools made of steel are expensive and sometimes you look for more affordable options but at the same time, you do not want to buy garden tools made of plastic as plastic pollution is posing serious environmental threats worldwide. So, here comes OLA Bamboo’s “Garden Tools” made of Bamboo. They are the perfect fit if you do not require any fancy equipment and need the basic hand garden tools.

  7. Eco-friendly Pet essentials:

    While providing eco-friendlier alternatives to plastic items, how can we forget our furry companions? We have eco products for our pets too – a bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel bowls with a bamboo stand, and a brush with a bamboo handle and stainless-steel bristles.


  8. Natural Deodorants:

    Reducing plastic is good. Reducing chemicals is even better! Natural deodorant is a healthier option that you try. However, switching to natural deodorant from regular ones is a process that one needs to understand. Click here for more information.


    What are the various benefits of using Eco-friendly Products?

    Benefits of Eco-friendly Products

  1. They help to reduce your environmental impact.
  2. They are not only good for the environment but are also good for health. 
  3. They are biodegradable or compostable by the city, hence good for the environment.
  4. They are not resource-intensive.