Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

eco friendly gift ideas

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a Christmas or a birthday celebration, gifts are a way of expressing love and care. People often put in a lot of thought before buying a gift in the hope that the giftee likes and values it.

What is green gifting?

Exchange of eco-friendly gifts in order to lower the environmental impact is getting popular. Considering the increased use of disposables in this pandemic, people are planning their gifts wisely as a tribute to the planet.

Well, this year spread the message of eco-friendliness by gifting something that also awakens the other towards sustainable living.

I read somewhere and my heart nodded

“Sustainability is the best gift you can give someone this year”.

Why choose sustainable gifts?

The holidays are approaching and the last thing you want to do is to contribute to the unnecessary waste by gifting something that could only be used once and then takes thousands of years to decompose. Our everyday choices have a lot of impact on the environment, we can no longer afford to continue using things that are contaminating our landfills and oceans at alarming rates.

What to gift someone who loves the environment?

At OLA Bamboo, we have some very useful yet eco-friendly items that you can gift your loved ones, friends, and colleagues that would show that you care for them. They would also appreciate your effort to save the planet that we call our home.

1. Zero waste kit

During this pandemic and time of social distancing, we’re thinking a lot about the germs and viruses on everything we touch. Zero waste kit would be a perfect gift as it contains a bamboo straw with a cleaning brush, a bamboo fork, knife, and teaspoon along with a travel bag. We also have zero waste kit with chopsticks and zero waste kit for children. This lightweight kit is perfect to be kept in a purse or in the car’s glove box. One can bring his/her own cutlery set along and be sure of safety.


Original price was: $12.99.Current price is: $6.99.

2. Reusable Make-up remover pads

It is the perfect zero waste gift for women. Makeup wipes are essential for busy, active people and single-use makeup wipes are pretty bad for the environment. To give the convenience of single-use makeup wipes, OLA Bamboo has introduced machine washable makeup remover pads made from bamboo fibre. There are 16 ultra-soft pads in a bamboo storage box with a wash bag to keep your used pads and wash them together with your laundry in the regular cycle. Therefore, no extra hassle of cleaning them with hand.


Original price was: $27.99.Current price is: $19.99.

3. Natural Deodorant

Reducing plastic is good. Reducing chemicals is even better! Natural deodorant is a healthier option and this makes it a perfect gift for the ones you care. Ola bamboo’s Canadian made natural deodorant is aluminium-free and paraben-free. It has moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-odour properties with the goodness of vitamin E and antioxidants. It does not contain baking soda and this makes it ideal for people who are allergic to it as most natural deodorants contain baking soda.


4. Reusable produce bags

If you are gifting someone who does the grocery shopping in the house, then encourage your giftee to get rid of plastic grocery bags. Making the decision of not using single-use plastic bags seems to be small but this small change has a greater significance for the environment.

OLA Bamboo provides a smart solution to reduce dependence on single-use plastic bags – “Reusable Produce Bags”. We offer a set of 3 wide bags measuring 30.48 cm by 38.1 cm, made of Organic cotton that is perfect for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These reusable bags are lightweight, durable and above all biodegradable. You can wash them and reuse them for years.


Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $9.99.

5. E-Gift card

If you are in dilemma and can’t think of something then we have a solution for that also. Give your loved ones the chance to buy what they want to buy. Nowadays, people like to gift and receive gift cards so that they can buy something that they actually need. These e-gift cards are quite popular as corporate gifts too. Employers buy them so that they can give them as rewards to their employees.


6. Sustainable Beach toys / Bamboo Plate with suction Base

Well, we have wonderful gifts for babies as well. Children learn from their surroundings and it has become essential to teach children the importance of eco-friendly goods at a young age.

OLA Bamboo’s Beach toys are safe to use as they do not have any pointed or sharp edges. They are strong, durable and eco-friendly. When it comes to playing with the sand on the beach, a shovel, a rake and a bucket is always a win.

Bamboo baby plates are ideal for children learning how to feed themselves. No doubt, kids tableware mostly comes in plastic as children have a history of throwing away the dishes while eating. But plastic contains toxins which are bad for health. Avoid plastic whenever you can when to comes to food and beverage.


7. Pet toothbrushes

We have eco-friendly gifts for all. It is the perfect gift for our little companions. Most of us treat our pets as our family members and when it comes to gifts, we can’t leave them behind. The OLA Bamboo’s toothbrush for Dog / Cat is an eco-friendly choice that’s also a good choice for your pet’s dental health.


8. Reusable cooking utensils set

If you are gifting someone who loves cooking then these pretty cooking utensils set made of bamboo would definitely bring a smile on his/her face. It includes a spoon, spatula, spaghetti spoon and tongs with long service life. It is attractive that one wishes to keep them on the counter!


Original price was: $21.99.Current price is: $12.99.