Reusable Produce bags – the best alternative to single-use plastic grocery bags

reusable produce bags

Reusable Produce bags – the best alternative to single-use plastic grocery bags

Single-use plastic bags are a huge contributor to plastic waste. Buying fruits and vegetables is not a one-time purchase, it’s something that we do every other day. We all feel guilty while reaching out to single-use thin plastic bags while buying produce from the supermarket. These bags are hardly reused as they get torn very easily. Sometimes for heavy items, we need to overlap 2 or 3 plastic bags so that they do not break while carrying the produce.

The use of disposables and plastic has surged during this pandemic. We need to be more conscious than before when it comes to single-use plastic usage.

Is it safe to use reusable produce bags during the pandemic? 

Over 115 experts from 18 countries signed a statement addressing the safety of reusables. According to the statement released by Green peace USA, reusables are safe to use if one follows the basic hygiene practices. After bringing the groceries at home, wash your produce bag using soap and water and the bag is ready for your next purchase. Click here to read the statement released by Green peace USA.

By carrying your own produce bags, you can be sure that the bag you are using for your product has not been touched by anyone before and is disinfected & safe.  This way, you are protecting yourself in addition to saving the environment.

Making the decision of not using single-use plastic bags seems to be small but this small change has a greater significance for the environment. OLA Bamboo provides a smart solution to reduce dependence on single-use plastic bags – “Reusable Produce Bags”.

Which is the best reusable grocery bag?

OLA Bamboo offers a set of 3 wide mesh bags measuring 30.48 cm by 38.1 cm, made of Organic cotton that are perfect for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They are reusable, lightweight, durable, and above all biodegradable. You can wash them and reuse them for years.

Why mesh bags are ideal for storing produce?

These organic cotton mesh bags are not only good for the environment but are also better than the plastic ones considering the freshness of the produce stored. You might have observed, if vegetables or fruits stay for long in plastic bags, they spoil due to moisture. But these mesh bags would keep your fruits and veggies fresh for long.

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