Easy-to-keep resolutions!

Green Products

Green resolutions! Green Products!!

Like every year, you’re trying to make new resolutions! And like every year, you aren’t keeping them? Not if you go with super easy resolutions!

For example, you can choose to use less plastic in your daily life. And that’s where the OLA Bamboo range of green products comes in! Because it’s easy to keep your resolution when it comes to small, simple acts.

Simple but that will have a big impact on the planet!

Move on to reusable makeup remover pads

A pretty bamboo box containing sixteen makeup remover pads that can be machine washed and dried in your regular load. This will allow you to eliminate thousands of disposable makeup remover pads each year.

They are soft and perfect to use with your regular makeup remover, micellar water or toner.

Say no to disposable plastic straws and utensils

With our broad array of zero waste kits and bamboo utensil sets. Whether you choose the version with or without a straw, with chopsticks, or for children, you can take the essentials with you for a meal on the go.

Choose a toothbrush with a compostable handle

OLA Bamboo offers you the broadest range of eco-friendly toothbrushes for the whole family. With different levels of bristle hardness, bristles infused with charcoal, a compact or larger head, you will find the toothbrush that will meet your needs and please your dentist. 

Stop paying for plastic and water when you clean

You can now buy a small OLA Bamboo tablet that you put in 500 ml of water in a bottle that you already have at home and can reuse over and over again! A natural, vegan, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner with a tangerine and bamboo scent that is made in Quebec. You’ll love it!

Choose a plastic-free, natural deodorant

A plastic-free deodorant in a cardboard tube! It’s made in Quebec and doesn’t contain aluminium, parabens, sulphates or baking soda. It will quickly become your favourite deodorant with its pleasant cucumber and aloe vera scent.

Transform your home into a plastic-free household

With our wide range of household products—bamboo cooking utensils and cutting board, reusable organic cotton produce bags, compostable cotton swabs, bamboo plates in animal shapes, gardening tools and a host of eco-friendly accessories.

Check out some must-haves here.