Sustainable Beach Toys for Kids

Sustainable Beach Toys for Kids

Going to the beach is fun and our little ones head to the beach with a lot of enthusiasm. When it comes to playing with the sand on the beach, a shovel, a rake and a bucket is always a win. They are the quintessential sand toys that keep your kiddos occupied and entertained for hours.

Cons of Plastic Beach Toys

Why should you stop buying toys made of plastic?

But most of the toys available so far are made of plastic. We are well aware of the increasing plastic pollution, especially on the beaches. Many times, plastic toys break-down while playing on the beach and children leave them there, and that becomes hazardous for the aquatic animals. Small pieces of plastic are ingested by the aquatic animals and this leads to many health problems and in most cases death. Plastic takes around 1,000 years to decompose and that too not fully. It also affects the cleanliness of the beach. 

Switch to Eco-Beach toys

What is the best alternative to plastic beach toys?

As more and more people are making a shift to sustainable living, many parents want to minimise their children’s exposure to plastic toys. 

Keeping that in mind, OLA Bamboo has launched eco-friendly beach toys for kids – A shovel and rake made of natural bamboo wood and a tin bucket. They are a better choice than their plastic counterparts. They are non-toxic so your little one can have plenty of fun playing in the sand with them.

Children learn from their surroundings and it has become essential to teach children the importance of eco-friendly goods at a young age. 

Why buy OLA Bamboo Beach toys for kids?

OLA Bamboo’s Beach toys are safe to use as they do not have any pointed or sharp edges. They are strong, durable and eco-friendly. Both rake and shovel have engravings on the handle for better grip. The size is also small, easy for the children to lift them and play with them. The tin bucket is durable and is available in 3 different colours – Red, Green and yellow. The paint used is free of phthalates, lead and other heavy metals, hence safe for the children. 

OLA Bamboo products are made from real bamboo wood; therefore, they do not contain melamine-formaldehyde, which is used only when products are made from bamboo powder or fibres. That means that OLA Bamboo products are completely safe for you and your family’s health.


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