Essential Garden Tools

Essential Garden tools for maintaining a Home garden

If you have a garden then obviously you are in love with nature. A nature lover always looks for environmentally friendly things and to help you with that, we have launched the essential garden tools made of bamboo – A shovel and rake made of natural bamboo wood.

The gardening tools made of steel are expensive and sometimes you look for more affordable options but at the same time, you do not want to buy garden tools made of plastic as plastic pollution is posing environmental threats worldwide. So, here comes OLA Bamboo’s “Garden Tools” made of Bamboo.

 A typical home garden does not require fancy equipment and if you are a beginner then don’t buy a bunch of tools/garden equipments and then end up using one or two. Basic hand garden tools are the best for you.

What are the basic garden tools?

Start with simple garden hand tools – Shovel and Rake that are essential for digging a hole or cleaning the fallen leaves. These are the best gardening hand tools made of bamboo and a better alternative to plastic tools. 

What is the garden shovel used for?

A shovel is a piece of must-have garden equipment to dig a deep hole for planting a tree, or for turning over the soil to add compost or for digging the soil for sowing seeds. It also helps you to transfer plants from pot to garden or to get rid of the weed.

OLA Bamboo’s Wooden shovel is strong, durable and has engravings on handles for better grip. It does not have any pointed sides so are safe to use. You can even hand them over to your teens and take their help without worrying about their safety and it would be a great way to indulge them in your work. They are lightweight and biodegradable.

Why Bamboo Garden Tools?

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant that does not require the use of pesticides and insecticides. It is a quite strong material, its tensile strength is even greater than steel. Hence, the best eco-friendly material for Gardening tools. Bamboo Garden tools are becoming a new trend in the market. These are affordable and suitable for Home gardeners who do not wish to spend much on expensive metal tools.

What is a Rake used for?

Obviously, you do not want your garden/lawn/yard to look unkempt. The rake plays a very essential role in keeping your garden clean. It is used to clean the debris of fallen leaves and branches of the plants, hence a must-have garden accessory to keep it neat and tidy. It also falls under the category of lawn tools or yard tools.

OLA Bamboo’s Wooden rake is an environment-friendly affordable option to keep the garden clean. It is durable and safe to use as it does not have pointed sharp ends.

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