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Why choose an OLA Bamboo toothbrush?

eco-friendly toothbrushes

Our planet’s future is one of the biggest concerns. There are a lot of articles about increasing plastic pollution on social media and newspapers, we heard about it on every platform… But we often feel helpless. What can we really do to avoid worst-case scenarios? Of course, there are somethings for which we don’t have […]

7 tips for an eco-friendly trip!

eco-friendly travel

We all are switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle as it is the need of the hour for a sustainable future. But we find it hard while travelling. Below are some simple swaps to make your travel eco- friendly. 1- Reusable water bottle If you want to reduce your pollution during a trip, the first thing […]

Bamboo straws: The end of disposable straws!

eco-friendly straws

– A gin/tonic… no straw, please! No more compromises because reusable eco-friendly straws have come to rescue and are gaining popularity over single-use plastic straws around the globe. Plastic Pollution We all are aware of the devastating impact that plastic straws have on the environment. It comes as no surprise that plastic straws are in […]

The importance of packaging!

natural dental floss

Eco-friendly products in plastic-free packaging For OLA Bamboo’s team, the goal isn’t only to propose new eco-friendly products. We also offer plastic-free packaging made of cardboard. Most of us have often observed eco-products wrapped in plastic packaging. What is the use of offering plastic-free products if the packaging contains plastic? Natural Dental Floss in a […]