Why our products are made abroad

The main reason our products are made in China or Vietnam is because bamboo grows in Asia. Bamboo is the ideal material for eco-friendly products because it’s not a tree. Bamboo is in the grass family, so it regenerates very quickly—in just a few weeks! Furthermore, bamboo absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 than trees and produces 30 to 35% more oxygen. Cutting bamboo and using it for everyday objects is a good thing because it sequesters CO2 and prevents it from returning to the atmosphere at the end of the plant’s life. Bamboo is also very sturdy and lightweight (perfect for reducing its ecological impact during transportation), and it has natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo is also easy to grow, is grown without chemicals and doesn’t require much water.

For those who are worried about the impact of using bamboo on pandas, keep in mind that pandas are not at all in the same region as the bamboo we use. Not to mention that moso bamboo is not consumed by these magnificent animals.


Our bamboo products are a great alternative to plastic products, which are often used once or for a short time and pollute the planet for more than 500 years. In fact, all the plastic products we have used in our life still exist today—ouch! So, by being compostable and natural, even if it has to travel, bamboo remains a better option than plastic, which in any case often also comes from abroad. The ecological impact of plastic will always be greater than that of bamboo—always!

We visited our suppliers’ facilities ourselves to check on the workers’ conditions. They are also crucial to us. At the same time, we took the opportunity to visit the forest where our bamboo comes from. Here a video (in french):


You know, offering our products at the best possible price so that as many people as possible switch to bamboo and have a real impact on the environment is vital. Together, we can help reduce the tons of plastic waste that pollute the planet every year and often end up in our oceans.



At OLA Bamboo, we want to make a difference for the planet, which is why we also plant trees to offset the impact of our products’ transportation. We do this through Compensation CO2 Québec, and we’ll plant our 4000th tree in 2020!


Be part of making a difference!










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