Helping more than just the earth!

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OLA Bamboo Eco Products Store

There are many eco products stores that help you with sustainable living by offering biodegradable products essential for day to day life. OLA Bamboo is one of them. We prioritise quality over quantity.

What eco products does OLA Bamboo offer?

OLA Bamboo is your one-stop eco products store that offers everyday essentials like – Bamboo toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, reusable bamboo utensils, reusable bamboo straws, bamboo reusable makeup remover pads, bamboo cotton swabs, garden tools, Suction plates for babies, bamboo beach toys for kids and many other eco friendly products.

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How is OLA Bamboo helping more than just earth?

By choosing OLA Bamboo eco products store, you’re not just helping to eliminate plastic waste. You’re also supporting a social economy enterprise located in Gatineau.

At OLA Bamboo, we’re very proud to have worked with Re-Source Intégration for more than three years. This company is a social economy enterprise that employs more than a hundred people with disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities and physical limitations.

We really feel as if we’ve grown up with them. We started our collaboration following our appearance on Dragons’ Den in 2017 because we were completely overwhelmed with shipping packages. Since then, we’ve optimized our partnership and—on both sides—the way we work.

What do they do?

Today, this magnificent team takes care of shipping the packages containing your purchases from our online store as well as the orders from the stores and pharmacies that sell our eco-friendly product line. They also assemble certain products and do many other small tasks that help us enormously.

Eco-friendly Packaging

We also use paper packaging to reduce plastic tape. We supply our shipping tape from StickerMule.

The OLA Bamboo team is always brimming with projects and new ideas, and we’ve found an ally of choice in Re-Source Intégration. They’re always ready to come up with solutions and new ways of doing things or to evolve so that our business relationship thrives.

We appreciate your contribution

Thanks to you and your purchase of an eco-friendly OLA Bamboo product, there will be less plastic waste and more trees on our beautiful planet—and there will be more work for a motivated team!

Thank you for coming along for the journey!