What if Halloween could be eco-friendlier?


Eco friendly Halloween

Halloween has come and so is the fun associated with this amazing day. Kids would wear cute and scary Halloween costumes and would run door to door yelling trick or treat. But the scariest thing about Halloween is the plastic waste. From the past few years, awareness regarding the plastic waste has been among people and everyone is trying his/her bit to celebrate it in a more eco-friendlier way.

We have listed some ideas to do our best to make this holiday as eco-friendly as possible! And it’s not that complex!


First of all, if you already have some plastic decorations because you bought them years ago… It’s ok! Don’t feel guilty and throw them away! You paid for them, you have them… Might as well use them as long as possible! Anyway, they’ll take hundred and hundred years to deteriorate… So, why not use them for years!

If you really want new decorations for an eco friendly Halloween, you can make them with things you have at home or find in a thrift shop. When I was young, my favorite and most terrifying decoration was a character that my dad made from old clothes stuffed with dead leaves, a pumpkin head and a toy revolver… It doesn’t take much for the magic to work!

Don’t forget that pumpkin isn’t just a decoration… It’s also delicious squash! Carve it only the day before Halloween, that way you’ll be able to use it for cooking. Even better, don’t cut it and only decorate the outside!


 I know, it’s fun to buy a new one every year… But is it really necessary? Thrift shops are full of used costumes or old clothes that you can transform with a little bit of imagination… And children have a lot of that!

Also, did you think of planning a costume exchange party with friends? Your friends’ children’s old costumes could be a treasure for your children… And vice versa! At home, when my older sister had a new Halloween costume… Everybody wore it! We all had our year to dress up as a pink rabbit… even my little brother!

Oh! Did you think to make your own makeup? In addition to avoiding toxic products, you’ll save money!! Discover the recipe here! And you don’t have to use a plastic spoon as they say! But you’ll see the ingredients!


Ok… We won’t do miracles with that! Hygiene obliges us to offer packed treats for the children Halloween night! But we can choose better options…

First of all, do we really need to prepare small bags of candies? It’s a waste of time and a waste of plastic bags. I prefer a handful of candies for every kid.

A better option is to offer bigger treats… Why give 5 little candies when you can give 1 big one? It’s up to you to choose, knowing your budget and the number of kids who will come at your home on Halloween. Also, you can go with fair trade products or Canadian ones.

Trick or Treat

 Please, don’t follow your children the entire way with your car! It’s not eco-friendly and it’s dangerous for other kids!

A pillowcase or a reusable bag is the best to contain all the candies kids wish for!

After eating them, you can reuse all the packaging – DIY, funny wrapping paper…. They can be used again before having to throw them away. Because most of them aren’t recyclable!


Are you planning a Halloween party? Well, you can theme it around home-crafted costumes. You can motivate people towards eco friendly Halloween by giving away rewards to the ones who put in their best effort.

You can serve food in disposable wooden utensils instead of plastic ones.

With little planning, you can make this celebration a green celebration.

So… Happy Halloween!!


Image by nancy sticke from Pixabay