Why choose an OLA Bamboo toothbrush?

Our planet’s future is one of the biggest concerns of 2019. There are a lot of articles about it on social medias and newspapers, we heard about it on every platform… But we often feel helpless. What can we really do to avoid worst-case scenarios?

Of course, there are somethings for which we don’t have power over… Governments and big enterprises have it when it comes to laws or large-scale pollution.

At OLA Bamboo, we truly believe that every gesture is important and if everybody is doing their part, we can reduce pollution, especially plastic pollution. Our power, as individual, is to choose how and what we buy. So… Use it!

Which is why, we opt for an eco-friendly toothbrush like the OLA Bamboo’s. The handle can be composted, which is great! You only have to pull out the bristles with pliers or break head before throwing the handle in the compost; the other part will go in the garbage.

We choose great quality nylon for our toothbrushes’s bristles… because the first purpose of a toothbrush is a good brushing! By the way, the only bristles that are actually compostable are made from wild boar’s hairs… For us it is NOT an option! And about bioplastic bristles… It’s still plastic! This bioplastic is controversial because there will always remain micro particles in the environment and they’ll enter the food chain. On the top of that, bioplastic isn’t the best for cleaning your teeth!

Don’t forget that OLA Bamboo’s toothbrush helps eliminate 4,9 billons plastic toothbrushes thrown away in dumps and oceans every year. In addition, by buying OLA Bamboo toothbrushes you are contributing to thousands of trees being planted in Canada through Compensation CO2 Québec. We are really proud to say that we have already planted 2000 trees… And it’s just a start!

In conclusion, admit that our eco-friendly toothbrush is nice and will be trendy in your bathroom along with all our other OLA Bamboo products that will help you to reduce your waste!

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