The importance of packaging!

For OLA Bamboo’s team, the goal isn’t only to propose new eco-friendly products. We also offer plastic free packaging made of cardboard.

Yes, we have gotten used to seeing toothbrushes in clear plastic packaging on the shelves … But is it really necessary? At OLA Bamboo, we don’t believe so.

Our goal is to remove as much plastic as possible from plastic toothbrushes. So, we have also eliminated it from the packaging! For us, it’s simple logic … Yet, most companies who offer bamboo toothbrushes pack them in plastic. Find the error…

We continuously work hard to reduce packaging waste as much as possible. Where packaging is needed, we ensure it is made with cardboard or paper.
Which is why, we are proud of our newest product: eco-friendly dental floss that comes in a little cardboard box! 100% natural dental floss, made from mulberry silk, candelilla vegan wax and natural essence of mint.

According to your municipality, you can throw it away in the compost after using it. Laboratory tests are currently underway to ensure that it can be placed in industrial compost everywhere. In the meantime, if you put it in the trash, know that it will not take years to disintegrate, as does the traditional plastic dental floss. Another step in the right direction!

At OLA bamboo, we stand out with a wide range of eco-friendly everyday products… and with green packaging! Because after all, packaging plays a big part in polluting our oceans and adding to dumping ground. Every little gesture counts… For a bright future on our planet!

And you, how do you reduce your daily plastic consumption?

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