The Biggest Announcement in OLA Bamboo’s History!

A major project has finally come to fruition. We’ve been working on this for more than a year, and we can FINALLY tell you: OLA Bamboo’s regular toothbrushes are now made in Quebec!

This makes OLA Bamboo the first company to manufacture bamboo toothbrushes in Canada, and even, according to our research, the first in Canada to make any kind of toothbrush.

All the problems and constraints associated with the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to take a step back and reflect on our company’s future. That’s when we decided to embark on OLA Bamboo’s greatest adventure—making our toothbrushes HERE in Canada. After investing more than $500,000, creating new jobs, and increasing our purchases of goods and services from Quebec and Canadian companies, we can now say, “Mission accomplished!”

An Even Greener Toothbrush!

Basically, our toothbrush was already eco-friendly, but Canadian manufacturing makes it even greener! This allows us to lower the carbon footprint of every toothbrush made here by more than 50%.

By taking the reins of the factory, we have even greater control over product quality and a bigger social impact by hiring new employees. And we’ve done all that while keeping the same affordable price as before. We are proud of this achievement.

OLA Bamboo is now bamboo toothbrushes, natural deodorant and all-purpose cleaning tablets that are made in Quebec—and we’re not done yet!

This wonderful announcement demonstrates the importance of supporting Quebec companies, who can increase their investments and impacts here at home.

Choosing OLA Bamboo means choosing to support the local economy and reducing your production of plastic waste.