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We use plastic items on daily basis and we don’t realise how big its impact would be. At an individual level, the usage seems to be pretty small and sometimes it feels okay to use one plastic bottle in a week or to use disposable cutlery when eating out. But what seems to be petty usage adds up to a big figure which is quite disturbing. So, to give you an idea of your plastic usage, we have created a calculator. Let’s see how much plastic do you use per year / in your lifetime. Our motive is to encourage you to reduce plastic in your lives and contribute your part in making the earth a better place to live.

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Save Your Planet

The ever-increasing plastic pollution is becoming the scariest problem to deal with across the globe. We are surrounded by numerous plastic products which we use on daily basis such as plastic bags, disposable cutlery, cups, plates, plastic bottles, containers, toys, toothbrushes and so on. We can’t even imagine the earth we would leave for the future generation. Well, it’s high time to address this problem and look out for alternatives.

How to deal with the plastic problem at an individual level?

The famous 4-R’s rule helps to minimize plastic usage

  1. Refuse: Say no to plastic disposables such as single-use cutlery, plates, cups, straws, and plastic bags. After you throw these by using them just for once, they stay in the environment for hundreds of years. You can switch to reusable bamboo utensils, bamboo straws, bamboo plates for kids and organic cotton bags.
  2. Reduce: Lifestyle change is required so look for alternatives. Many eco-friendly replacements of daily use plastic products are available. A switch to biodegradable products would help to address this problem to a great extent. This change would help reduce the environmental impact of plastic on earth and be good for healthy living as plastic contains toxins that are dangerous for health. You can switch to bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo cotton swabs, eco-friendly dental floss, bamboo cutting board.
  3. Reuse: The plastic containers or bottles you already have at home, try to reuse them as many times as possible. Even after use, when you feel the need to discard them, try to use them for something else. Like, use your old container as a bird feeder instead of throwing it away. You opt for tablet cleaners and can reuse the old bottles you already have. You can use the bottles in your garden for growing plants.
  4. Recycle: Instead of throwing away the plastic bottles or other plastic products, take them to recycle facility. If possible, buy products made from recycled material or products which can be recycled easily. Know your nearest recycle facility.

Do you know how much time plastic takes to decompose?

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Depending upon the material and structure, some items take a bit shorter or longer time.

Estimated time taken to biodegrade, which may vary depending upon environmental conditions and product type*