5 tips for an eco-friendly trip!

1- If you want to reduce your pollution during a trip, the first thing to bring with you is… The old good reusable bottle! You’ll avoid using a lot of water bottles! You are travelling to a country where the water isn’t potable? There are some bottles that come with a filter which can be very practical. For those who travel in all-inclusive hotels, don’t forget to bring a reusable cup for your drinks… To avoid wasting tons of plastic glasses! And remember don’t waste food, even if there is a buffet!

2- Are you going to take a plane to go to your destination? Opt for a direct flight to reduce your carbon footprint, because take offs and landings are the most polluting. On top of that, if you have lighter luggage, you’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emission. Speaking of means of transport, once on site, avoid motor activities and prioritize public transit.

3- The best is always to foresee your needs … So, bring a reusable bag for your purchases. It’s easy to think about it at home, but we often find ourselves using plastic bags while travelling. Yet, there are many foldable reusable bag models available on the market which are practical and easy to put in your daily backpack. Also, think about getting the OLA Bamboo zero waste kit, it allows you to avoid using disposable utensils and straws.

4- Are you familiar with wash bags? Compact and easy to use, you’ll be able to bring less clothing during your trip or camping trip. The best thing about it? You won’t have to look for washing machines. So great! Little reminder, if you are staying in a hotel, don’t change your towels every day… Another small gesture for the planet!

5- Stay in campground! It’s an eco-friendlier accommodation and a pretty great way to travel and discover.

What will be your next destination?


Image by Public Co from Pixabay 

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