Shipping policy

Free shipping is available for any purchase that exceeds the minimum required amount. OLA Bamboo Inc. will provide you, by email, with a tracking number upon shipping of the goods. By clicking on the tracking number, you automatically enter the Canada Post website. The latter shows you where your order was delivered. You can also see the follow-up of your shipping by entering the provided tracking number into the following link: In case your purchase does not reach the minimum amount, the shipping cost will be $5.99. Note that if you purchase only includes toothbrushes or if it is a subscription renewal, shipping will be free and the toothbrushes will be shipped via the regular Canada Post service whose deadline is of about 10 days. In this case, the promo code will not be functional.

Costs and delivery times

Shipping costs are free across Canada when your cart total exceeds the minimum required amount, except in remote areas. If the customer thinks that his location may be remote, it is his duty to contact the company’s customer service via the website. OLA Bamboo Inc. reserves the right to add additional fees without notice for shipping to a remote area. For purchases below the minimum required amount, shipping costs will be $5.99.

Misplaced parcel

It may happen that your parcel is misplaced during the transport. If you have this problem, please send us an email. When a parcel is misplaced and it has a tracking number (this excludes shipments that include only toothbrushes or subscription renewals), you can rest assured that we will track the file with Canada Post. If there is a loss of any order shipped via the regular Canada Post service (only toothbrushes and subscription renewals), an agreement can be reached between OLA Bamboo Inc. and the dissatisfied customer through customer service. However, OLA Bamboo Inc. does not undertake to enter into an agreement.

Items damaged in transit

Any order placed through the website is made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risks of loss and breakage during shipping to the customer is the responsibility of it. An agreement may be concluded between OLA Bamboo Inc and customer dissatisfaction through the customer service. However, OLA Bamboo Inc. does not undertake to enter into an agreement. OLA Bamboo Inc. is not responsible for costs incurred following the receipt of a damaged or defective item.